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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Subject:Copyrighted Atlantic content on your site

That was the subject line of an email I got last week in reference to this post on culturally transmitted diseases. It went on:

We have learned that you have posted the full text of Carl Elliot's article from The Atlantic on your blog. While we are grateful for your interest in The Atlantic, do note that the copyright to this work is held by Mr. Elliot and Atlantic Media. You are, of course, not permitted to republish it on your own site, where it is publicly accessible.

Well, I pointed out that I was just linking to another site and that the site I was linking to wasn't mine, but instead for a class at the University of Hawaii. The gentlemen at The Atlantic replied with thanks and apologized for the confusion. I can only assume that they have a more or less automated process to email all the bloggers who start to infringe on the The Atlantic's copyright. (Btw, when did they drop the Monthly part?)

In summary, it feel kinda good to have my "you're violating our copyright" nastygram cherry popped. I look forward to more experiences of the same ilk in the future.

Now they just have to get it out of Google's cache!


J.p. said...

I think the idea is that words indictating the period of circulation are not actually part of "The Title" of the magazine.

i.e. It may say "The Atlantic Monthly" on the cover, but the "proper" title is "The Atlantic".

You can contrast this with GQ, where the word "Quarterly" is part of the title, and doesn't indicate the period of publication.

Rog said...

Gotcha. Yeah, I was being a doofus. Thanks for clueing me in, amigo.