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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Funny Letters from Switzerland

Letter from Zurich
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Zurich 1/21/99
Dear Son,
Here is the money for that new bike you always wanted to buy. Get the low rider with the wide fork.
Al says Hi. He and I worked a whole week so that we can send you all this cash. The mountains are cold and the sun never shines. Our hearts are only filled with warmth when we imagine you on that beautiful bike, driving through the sunny trailer park down the block at spankies.
Love, Imaree
Some background on what this letter is about: My friend would send me cash in envelopes from Switzerland to pay for the rental of a storage facility in C-burg. He'd write letters like that so people wouldn't steal the money or if they did, he hoped to make them feel guilty about taking it.

I think the description for this photo pretty much sums it up.(But be sure to check out the adjoining drawing of the hand with four fingers.) I'll have to look and see if I others laying around. For those that know about Bleaksburgian quizbowl circa the end of the millenium, I recently found a CBI Nationals placard amongst all my boxes of archived detritus. I really need to go through and trash a lot of that crap.

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