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Thursday, May 05, 2005

High-impact physics lesson

I wonder how long it will be before Solid Neon is giving High-impact physics lessons.


• Objects in motion stay in motion - such as a car falling from a crane. Objects at rest stay at rest - such as a parking lot.

• The bigger you are, the harder you hit - such as a 2,500-pound car on a parking lot as opposed to a golf ball on the classroom floor. This explains why junior Emily Varnes wanted to see the crane drop a bus.

• For every action, there's a reaction - like the smashed-up front ends of two sports cars."

UPDATE: Fixed the dead link. Thanks, Jody!


Jody said...

Dead link

Rog said...

Fixed it, thanks. At first, I thought the dead link you were referring to was the Atlantic Monthly article that I blogged about a couple posts ago. That resulted in Nanothoughts receiving it's first ever legal noticed! I'll post about that in the near future.