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Friday, December 01, 2006

Winning the hearts and minds of thirsty children

Iraqi Kid Runs For Water youtube video.
(You wish they would just relieve stress like this Navy flyer.)

Here's a transcript:
(kids yelling)
Soldier 1: Are they coming?
Soldier 1: Film them. Film 'em.

Soldier 1: You getting it?

Soldier 2: I'm getting it.

Soldier 1: Want some water?

Soldier 1: Water? (unintelligible)

Soldier 1: C'mon keep runnin'
Soldier 1: here!
Soldier 1: here! You gettin 'em?

Soldier 2: I'm getting them, sir.

Soldier 1: C'mon, you're almost there. Hurry!
Soldier 2: That's fucked up.
Soldier 1: Here!
Soldier 1: Can you see 'em?

Soldier 1: I can see 'em, sir.

Soldier 1: Hurry up, you want it?

Soldier 1: This kid's gonna run like two miles.

Soldier 2: This kid's runnin' forever!

Soldier 1: C'mon, look at this kid, (laughter) C'mon!

Soldier 2: He's chasin' it, man.
(throws the water bottle which other kids pick up)
Soldier 1: And he still didn't get it. Ha!

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