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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Which RSS Reader would George Rogers Clark use?

I'm looking to install a good newsreader. I know some of the legions of readers of this blog use them, so I wondering if anybody had any suggestions. Like luda, I believe in word of mouf.
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Oh yeah, i'm looking for XP and LInux clients. Thanks again.


J.p. said...

I used to use Opera, which has built-in RSS. Recently, I switched to Thunderbird, which is totally sweet. It doesn't support Atom, which is a pain for blogger folks, but it does make it appear as though I'm reading my e-mail when I'm actually reading my RSS feeds.

Justin said...

The only thing keeping me from switching to Thunderbird (from Outlook Express) is that I still have a junk hotmail account that I use. Maybe it's time to create a junk gmail account and just make the leap.