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Friday, February 25, 2005

Has Pope John Paul II jumped the shark?

Over on PolySciFi Blog, Jody has a post about how John Paul II has jumped the shark. Well, I looked him up on Jump the Shark and this is how the voting is going so far:

First Show 1978
Last Show
Genre Drama
Network CTV
Slot Day Sunday
Slot Time10 am
Jumped The Shark when... Votes
Never Jumped 31
Starts hanging out with Bono 24
Day One 19
Ted McGinley 14
Same Character, Different Actor 10
Too many jokes about Carlton's height 9
Mehmet Agca tries to cancel the show 7
A Very Special Episode... (Finds out he's not Italian) 6
Says "Evolution, more than just a hypothesis" 3
Tracheotomy 2
Election of Antipope Pius XIII 2
Insists on being referred to as "Jp 2 Electric Boogaloo" 2

And before anybody flips out on me, I wish him the best and hope he makes a full recovery.


Rog said...

I don't know where that empty space comes from or how to get rid of it. Anybody know?

Jody said...

Check your html coding (view html). You may have a run of paragraph switches.

Rog said...

Yeah, there's just one in the page source (for the table). And of course, it's not there in the draft post html, so go figure. Probably a CSS thing or something.

Btw, nice icon.