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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's pretty obvious Bush has won re-election

even though all the news organizations are too scared to admit it. Congratulations to him. I wonder when the Democratic party will learn how to campaign effectively. It's pretty sad how inept they are and how few people actually vote. I'm already wondering who the nominees in 2008 will be. Keep on rockin' in the free world.


Jody said...

Barring unforseen things happening (which always do), Giuliani vs Clinton is my guess.

Anonymous said...

I don't think either of those candidates would survive the primaries.

If the current conventional wisdom is correct, and Bush won because of the evangelical vote, nominating Giuliani (who is pro-choice) would be nuts. I think McCain is much more likely, because although the Republican establishment hates him, he has shown a strong independent following.

As for Hillary, she was tremendously popular in '92, but I don't think she plays well outside of the northeast these days. Nominating her would crank the Republican attack machine into full force, which is the opposite of what the Democrats need. Of course, I don't know who else will have their hat in the ring. Unless Edwards finds a way to stay relevant, he will be a distant memory by then (I think he was a fool to run this year. If he were smart like Kerry, he would've waited for a presidential election in which his own seat wasn't up). Pelosi might have a chance, although I think the Democrats need to nominate someone from a red state (after all, they only need one). If we're all lucky, we'll get Mark Warner.

Also, for demographic reasons, I think it will be difficult for a democratic woman to win. Given that most women vote for the Democrats already, there are fewer votes to lure from the other side. Then again, maybe I only think that because I picture republican-voting women as rigid conservative harpies, and democrat-voting women as wishy-washy and inconstant.


Rog said...

Yeah, I think McCain would be a better choice than Giuliani and Hilary Clinton would be a terrible pick for the Democrats.

I'd like to point out that 5/6 of the Nanothoughts crew voted for Kerry and 1/6 abstained (or voted for Bush, I'm not sure). It'll certainly be interesting to see the course that Bush's 2nd term takes. Keep on keepin' on.