Dan Ratherisms ~ NanoThoughts 1.0

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Dan Ratherisms

Dan Rather is always spouting strange verbiage, but he's in rare form on Election night. Here are some of his sayings from tonight. (I'm paraphrasing most of them.) I'm taping CBS for the rest of the night so I may have more later.

about polling "it's more complicated than the wiring diagram for a hydroelectric dam generator dynamo"
"even if you see the exit polls, you still vote. you know we have guys fighting in iraq and afghanistan and if they can do what they're doing, then you can get off your duff and go vote and come back to the couch and watch us."
about lockhart saying they have a chance to win every battleground state: "reminds me of the phrase 'don't taunt the alligator til you've crossed the river', i guess joe doesn't prescribe to that."
"bush is sweeping through the plains like a giant combine"
about Colorado: "...when Kerry wrote Santa he asked for Colorado for Christmas"