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Friday, February 09, 2007

Flash Drive Dilemma

Do you think I should get the $1400 32GB USB2.0 Flash Drive?

or the

$2400 64GB USB2.0 Flash Drive?


mpc said...

I say you go for the 32GB one, as it is currently in stock.

on another note, imagine if the headless horseman had a headless horse... that would be fucking chaos.

Rog said...

Word. Plus, it looks like the 64GB one is 404ing on its webpage now as well.

J.P. said...

Are you joking, or do you have some need for this? You could get a much larger magnetic hard disk for much less money. You could also get 16 2GB flash drives for way less.

Also, remember that flash wears out after a certain number of write cycles.

Rog said...

Thanks for your concern, JP, but I"m not really gonna get one. I will in about 3 years when the 64GB models sell for about $10. :)

J.P. said...

Ok, cool. I was worried for a minute you were serious.

I can imagine someone having a legitimate need for one. I met a guy who installed a PC in the trunk of his car, only to find out that mechanical hard drives won't spin up below, like, 40 degrees. Ah, youth.

Rog said...

Word. Not to mention that when they do finally warm up, they'll probably be all kinds of condensation inside that will make for not the best use conditions.