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Monday, February 12, 2007

Acclaimed Music dot net

Some thoughts on Acclaimed Music:

Roxy Music at 41th overall for artists really surprised me as I only really knew them from Love is the Drug and More than This. I guess they more critical acclaim than I had realized. Kraftwerk, who I love, at 59th surprises me as well.

Highest ranked Album, Song and Artist I've never consciously experienced:

Can't say I've really listened to: Album #32 . Massive Attack's Blue Lines

Song, I hate to say it, but it would probably be:
#67 Elvis Presley "That's All Right (Mama)." (I see now it was the first single he ever released, which is probably a big reason it's on there.)

For artists, it would have to be: #85 Primal Scream
Can't say I've ever heard a tune by them.

And maybe you're wondering how the lists have been compiles?

This is really not simple to explain. Please do not despair if you do not fully understand...

I have written a program which computes the lists. The basic idea is that I match all records against each other in pairs. In a match, each critics list is weighted depending on
* the number of lists I have from different parts of world (USA, UK or the rest of the world)
** when the list was presented (newer lists are weighted more heavily)
*** how many matches the list is a part of (a list which only embraces a few years is not part of many matches and is therefore weighted heavily in the matches where it is included).

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