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Monday, October 03, 2005

Timmy Smith of DENVER?!

So, Timmy Smith (I wonder if he still goes by "Timmy?") got caught (entrapped?) trying to sling some coke. The funniest thing about all this isn't the fact that he used autographed pictures as a marketing tool, but instead that he lives and was caught in Denver. Those 204 yards he gained in the Superbowl were against a team called the Broncos.

(Personally, I think Elway set him up. )

Super Bowl Record Holder Formally Charged - Yahoo! News: "DENVER - Timmy Smith, the former
Washington Redskins running back who set a Super Bowl rushing record in 1988, was formally charged Monday with intentionally possessing cocaine with intent to distribute, a charge that carries a lesser penalty than previously announced."

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