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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Some great mashups

First up is BRAT Productions mashup of Nine Inch Nails "Hand That Feeds" and The Temptations "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone". Not the coolest one, I've ever heard, but the juxtaposition is so awesome.

(Bonus Fun/Sad Fact from wikipedia: In addition, Dennis Edwards was angered by the song's first verse: "It was the 3rd of September/That day I'll always remember/'cause that was the day/that my daddy died". Edwards' real-life father had died on the same day as the fictional father in the song, and although the song wasn't originally written for the Temptations, Edwards was convinced that Whitfield assigning him the line was intentional. Although Whitfield denied the accusation, he used it to his advantage: he made Edwards record the disputed line over and over again until Whitfield finally got the angered, bitter grumble he desired out of the usually fiery-toned Edwards.)

2nd one: My favorite mashup of the moment and the past week:
Miami Vice Vs 50 Cent which combines Jan Hammer's "Crockett's Theme" and 50 Cent "Just a L'il Bit", he hasn't named it, but I like to call it "A L'il Bit of Crockett." Very mellow and oh, so sweet.

Ok, I'm off to Circuit City to buy the Creative Labs Inspire™ T3000 2.1 Speakers for $10.


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