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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Flickr interestingness

Grand Canyon
Originally uploaded by heyrog.
Flickr has updated their Everyone's photo section. It's now called Explore and that page has a subset called Flickr interestingness where they rank each photo's "interestingness" based on clickthroughs, links, favorites, tags, comments, and page views as far as I can tell. Very very cool. They also give each user a list of their Most interesting fotos. This one of the Grand Canyon is my most interesting photos, mostly from the six people who have favorited it. Watch out clicking those links, you are going to see some amazing photos.


Jody said...

My favorite useless Grand Canyon fact:

Halfway down the canyon, there is a plateau which the Spanish named the "Tonto Plateau" which translates as "Foolish Plateau"

Rog said...

Yep, kemosabe, I'm very Tonto all the time. I'm also Tonka tough. As I type this comment, I see a photo to my left of a man reclined on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Beautiful.

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Rog said...

Thank you for leaving my first blog spam.