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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Plame and Novak

Can somebody explain to me or provide a link to an explanation of why Robert Novak isn't these stories? Did he talk to the grand jury or what? He was the first to publish her identity right?

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heatkernel said...

That's what everyone is wondering at this point. The only definite thing Novak has said is that he will "reveal all" once the investigation phase of the special prosecutors mission is complete. I think most people presume that he did indeed testify to the grand jury and is using the excuse that grand jury procedings are supposed to be secret to avoid saying anything publicly. If he told the grand jury who told him about Plame, why does Fitzgerald need to go after the other reporters' (from Newsweek and the NYTimes) so viciously? Perhaps he wants corroborating evidence, perhaps each of the three journalists heard it from a different source and he wants to prosecute all of the leakers, or perhaps he is just an overzealous prosecutor on a power trip. It is impossible to tell at this point.