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Monday, June 13, 2005

The future leaders of America.

(This following "report" was actually turned in to one of my colleagues. This is from a lower-level College Prep physics class. It is entered here exactly as it appears on the paper. Yes, this guy is a native speaker.)

The BGM-109 Tomahawk Cruse Missile

Its pinpoint accuracy makes the Tomahawk the idea long rage weapon. If it from the battleships in the Persian gulf or the submarines of the Mediterranean this missile is the best of the best in long range missiles.

After being launched a soled propellant rocket makes cretin that the missile is on corse and at the right altitude. The soled rocket is something like a big firework. The fuel is turned into a solid like in the space shit with soled oxygen. The fuel in this rocket is packed with a type of gunpowder like a bottle rocket would be. This part of the rocket is known as the booster witch weighs about1400Lbs.


Rog said...

Awesome. Glad to see that somebody is posting while I'm awol from the internets.

Jody said...

I turned some fuel "into a solid like in the space shit" just an hour or so ago.

However, I wiped myself when I was done.

Rog said...

Nice. I can feel some fuel conversion going on right now in my second and/or third stage sections. I'm sure it'll be jettisoned in no time. Of course, after dropping it, we'll have to fire some rockets to get our heading back correctly.