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Saturday, May 21, 2005

I need a laptop

Ok, so I want/need to get a laptop. Preferably just for internet use, nothing too fancy. I don't play computer games. I do listen to music though. I'm basically looking for an entry level, bottom of the line notebook and I want to know if there are any specific brands I might wnat to avoid and/or steer towards. After hearing Jody's adventures, I don't think I'll be getting a Dell, dude. any recommendations out there? Let me know what you have/like/hate etc.

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Justin said...

I have had several Dell products, to include laptops, and very infrequently do I have problems with them. Austin and I both bought Dell laptops over 3 years ago that are still in use. One bad experience shouldn't sour you on the whole thing. Their support is lacking, I will agree with that, but being in IT for as long as I have, you have a better chance at a good product with Dell than anyone. My mother also has a Dell laptop.

Rog said...

Yeah, I'm actually leaning towards a dell.

J.p. said...

When we hired a new sys admin at work he bought himself an "Averatech", which was on sale at Sam's Club or Costco at the time. It has a smallish screen, 9" I think, which means its really cheap. For music/internet I think it'd be fine, and he's quite happy with it.

Jody said...

Actually lots of my friends at Tech have Dells and have had no problems with them. In fact my Dell was problem free for about a year before it went downhill.

I suspect the real issue is Dell can't refurbish parts. Under their service plan, after about 3 months, whenever a part breaks, they give you a refurbished part instead of a new one.

So my having to replace my motherboard over and over and over again is probably due to getting questionable motherboards as replacements. And as everything connects to the motherboard, dying motherboards have probably been the cause of the various other components going out.

So as long as your motherboard doesn't die, you'll probably be safe with a Dell.

Rog said...

Word. Yeah, I'll probably end up getting a Dell. Thanks for all the advice!

heatkernel said...

Well, I also had a Dell laptop whose motherboard died after a little over a year (and 2 months out of warantee). Rather than replace the motherboard, I just got a new laptop, a Toshiba. Although it is a little more expensive, I am more pleased with it so far than the Dell. I have only had it about 6 months and no parts have had to be replaced so far. The Dell had to have its CD player/burner and AC adapter replaced within the first year. So I would recommend Toshiba. This is also based on talking to other people who have them and find them reliable relative to other companies' laptops.

Most of all, whichever company you go with, I would recommend buying a 3-year wararantee, rather than a 1-year. It's about $200 dollars extra, but had I had it on the Dell, it would have save me many times that.