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Friday, April 29, 2005

Castor Oil...sickeningly good: If I had a hammer

Castor Oil...sickeningly good: If I had a hammer

My sentiments exactly (well, i haven't read the whole thing yet, but I was really annoyed yesterday when Friends of John Kerry called me asking for $110 to support the Kids for Kerry bill or whatever)
for that kind of money, we could feed, clothe and insure all the kids without getting bugged at home by the husband of a billionaire.

Oh yeah, it was a caller ID blocked number too (i answered it czu some of my relatives have there IDs blocked) and it was my cellphone so it was on my dime as well.

Kerry's a moron.


heatkernel said...

Here's a better idea for getting a national healthcare system started: let the states where the politcal will exists to start public healthcare go ahead and set up their own systems. Don't wait for the federal gov't, because it's never going to happen that way. The big corporate interests (drug companies, HMO's) that are profiting handsomely from the current insane system will always be able to swat nationwide healthcare plans down in the House and Senate. But they not might be able to stop a small liberal state like Maine or Minnesota. And then when the obvious benefits come about such as manufacturers lining up to open plants in that state so that they can drive down their healthcare costs (as is going on with the flight of auto manufacturing from Michigan to the Canadian provice of Ontario), other states will clamor to get on the bandwagon.

The national Democrats are and have been for a while now more of a distraction than true promoters of progress. They're almost as much beholden to the same moneyed interests as the Republicans and in practice do little more than provide cover for the Republicans' various schemes by giving the appearance of a true opposition where there really is none. Unless people start "acting locally" as the saying goes, I don't see much hope.

Rog said...

Interesting idea to start from the bottom up as it were. I wonder if there are any localities/municipalities that have public healthcare. Be interesting to see how they are doing.

You neglected to address my main point, however. i.e. That John Kerry is a douchebag for having people phone me to ask for $110 to sponsor a freaking bill.

Rog said...