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Monday, March 28, 2005

When poker players get drunk:

Take a look at this link here.

How many 5-year olds do you think you could take on?


J.p. said...

At first I was thinking that dude was crazy, and it would be, like, 10. Then I realized how small 5-year-olds are, and I realized 30 was a decent estimate.

One thing that I do think people are underestimating, though (I only read the first 2 pages), is the ability of the kids to swarm on your back and pull you down.

Also, two things to preserve my humanity: One, I could never hit a five year old, and two, those forum icons were disturbing (and not just because I'm still bitter about Michigan State beating Duke).

Austin Adkins said...

Yeah, cruel, and sick, and what the hell ever. I laughed so hard I cried. I could barely breath.

SpakKadi said...

Well, seeing as how I know five-year-olds who are 3/4 my size, not nearly as many as the rest of you. I'd say six or seven would be difficult. J.P.'s original estimate of ten might be the best I could do. As they rush toward you, you might be able to take out one or two. That leaves at least one kid to latch on to each limb and possibly one to jump on your back. It's very easy to lose your balance in a situation like this, especially if they grab onto different limbs in rapid succession. And if you do fall over and smoosh one or two of them, only one of them has to get up and start kicking you in the head to knock you out. I can see a larger person taking on twice as many - say, twenty. But 30? I dunno. Have you ever been swarmed by small children? Even when they're just playing, it can get dangerous.

Of course, if I wanted to win, all I would have to do is say "Who wants snack?" and I could take on a whole gym full of 'em!