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Monday, March 14, 2005

Those Wacky Japanese are at it again

Just for the record, Solid Neon sent this to me. It's an instant classic.
Backpage Article Display: "Pubic hair did the trick

Japan - A Japanese professor claims his country has the shape of its women's pubic hair to thank for its place on the world stage.

Professor Asaki Geino has published a thesis where he argues that the type of pubic hair a woman has affects her personality.

He says the pubic hair of Japanese women is of the type belonging to those who are good mothers, faithful wives and caring daughters.

The professor's thesis classifies women into five types, with most Japanese women having pubic hair like an 'inverted triangle'.

Professor Geinoe said: 'This type is characterised by faithfulness and fitness for family life.

'Women of this type are good mothers, faithful wives and caring daughters. I don't think I'm wrong when I say that precisely this type of woman helped Japan become the glorious country it is.'

On the other hand, women most likely to be unfaithful had pubic hair resembling the 'mouth of a river'.

'Usually female pubic hair grows in the form of an upside down triangle, but some women's is oblong or elliptical in shape,' the professor told Pravda.

'It's not that rare for women with oblong-shaped pubic hair to fall in love at first sight or fall head-over-heels with passion. They also don't like sitting at home on their own.' -"


J.p. said...

1) This post is hilarious.

2) What is this man a professor of, and is his institution accredited?

Rog said...

Well, I think it's probably made up judging on the lack of details, Pravda source etc. Still, it's so awesome. I'm assuming the theory relates to the natural coverage and not groomed patterns.

Phrenology extended to the nether regions. You gotta love it.

Rog said...

Having just said that. THere really could be a biological correlation (and maybe even causation) going on here, as the recent index/ring finger link to agression study showed. In that case, it was testoterone, in this case, maybe more estrogen could cause an inverted pyramid shape and cause more/better maternal instincts. Ugh, I'm starting to sound like those gene expression guys.

Just for the record, I think maternal instincts (being a good mother, whatever you want to call it) is more than likely a massively multifactorial trait.