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Friday, March 11, 2005

Gene Ray - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This guy is an oldie, but goodie. Gotta love the Time cube:
Gene Ray - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Ray explained the 4/16 Rotation Principle, an important element of Time Cube, as follows: 'If Earth stood still, it would have mid-day, mid-night, sun-up and sun-down as 4 corners. Each rotation of earth has 4 mid-days, 4 mid-nights, 4 sun-ups and 4 sun-downs. The sixteen (16) space times demonstrates cube proof of 4 full days simultaneously on earth within one (1) rotation. The academia created 1 day greenwich time is bastardly queer and dooms future youth and nature to a hell.'

A typical Ray quotation is 'Time is CUBIC, not linear as stupid educators teach.'"

For more information, consult your local library or the following hypertext link:
Time Cube - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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