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Friday, February 04, 2005

Superbowl Prognostications

I started a thread on my friend's message board, Clever Nothing. If you post on this thread:
Clever Nothing :: View topic - Official Superbowl Prognostication Thread your prediction for the superbowl final score and winner you may win $(100-n) (Must have paypal). N is the number of unique posters after my post, so make a prediction already! (Of course, I'm betting on the fact that nobody will get this right.)

These are the predictions so far:
rajah- My prediction: 27-13, Patriots crush the Eagles.
Chook Cheek- I'll give it a shot. Patriots 27-23.
orthodox defenestrator= Patriots win 21-17
heatkernel-27-13, Eagles crush the Patriots, defying expectations.
rwellor-21 to 17... Iggles...
Graymouser-Eagles win 28-21, pretty-boy Tom Brady becomes a permanent part of the field...
mach5potato-27 to 17 Pats.
mopreme-i got to go with that pats 35-17
redbeard- 26 - 12 Patriots, whoever the hell they are. Being named after a missile, they have to be good. What game is this again?
etymxris-43 - 13. Not sure who's going to win, but I'm being pessimistic. It'll probably be over by halftime, just like the last two playoff games.
dogslaughter-The Eagles, 24 - 17.
webturbo-Patriots all the way.31 - 24
xthecritic-27-24 pats

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