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Tuesday, February 22, 2005 and's Yellow Pages

Matt posted over on PolySciFi Blog about Yellow Pages

This is an awesome service. It still has bugs, but a lot of potential. Case in point. I went to this club the other night in NYC: Yellow Pages: Flow It has no signage whatsover. But this site shows you that it's on the corner next to the starbucks. We had a fun time finding that at night, let me tell you. Of course, ideally the car would've turned the corner, but like I said it's a little buggy. For those keeping score at home, this is where I had brunch on Sunday: Yellow Pages: Life Cafe

I also noticed that "Some data provided by Acxiom, © 2005". Acxiom is the largest datamining company in the world.
You can find out more here: frontline: the persuaders: introduction | PBS

I can't wait til they digitally photograph Outer Mongolian Starbucks...

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