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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bead 'slashes mobile radiation'

BBC NEWS | Health | Bead 'slashes mobile radiation'

I had never even thought of the waves travelling up the wire to your head. Probably in a year every cellphone will have these ferrite beads on them. Where can I invest?!


Anonymous said...

It's too late, you're all going to die of brain cancer.

Also, I think the government is being very irresponsible in not informing people of all the soruces of radiation in their everyday lives. People need to know that they are flooding their kitchens with radiation every time they turn on the oven.

Seriously though, the funny thing about hands-free sets is that most people who use them wear the actual phones around their waist. This places the transmitter away from the brain, but much closer to certain other sensitive tissue.

The Space Pope

Rog said...

Yeah, I know, people should be more concerned about the germline more than anything else. I wonder where the best place to wear the main transmitter would be. Probably high up for a better signal, but away from sensitive tissues. Probably on the back I guess.

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