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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Planet Simpson, Mindball, Brainteasers, and more Prince songs

Anybody read/seen this book?
Planet Simpson: How a Cartoon Masterpiece Documented an Era and Defined a Generation? here's an excerpt that I lifted from here:
Real Life Notes from Fox Censors (according to Matt Groening):
- To discourage imitation by young and foolish viewers, when Homer begins to pour the hot wax in his mouth, please have him scream in pain so kids will understand that doing this would actually burn their mouths.
- Although it is only a dream, please do not show Homer holding a sign that reads KILL MY BOY.
- After Marge turns off the light, please substitute a line that's more general, such as 'get away from me' or 'stop that,' instead of 'get off me.'
- Bart's line 'Sod off' and Willie's rejoinder 'I'll give you something to sod off about!' are not acceptable. This phrase refers to sodomy despite your set-up about resodding the lawn.
- It will not be acceptable for Itchy to stab Scratchy in the guts and yank his intestine out and use it as a bungy cord.'

I'm linking to the UK Amazon because they have this book as its "Perfect Partner." It's a bidirectional best hit to boot!

Not sure if this is fake or not, but looks cool:Mindball, pong played with brainwaves basically.
Hmmmmmm:Gizmodo : Sushi USB Flash Drives What's worse, biting a flash drive, or trying to shove some maguro in your USB port?
I'd love to get one of these: Inventor Rejoices as TVs Go Dark
But, I'd prefer this (assuming American Airlines still exists in say 10-20 years. AAirpass aka Fly on AA the rest of your/its life for only $3 million.

Nice mathematical brainteaser page:
Nick's Mathematical Puzzles

Top 5 Prince Songs You've Probably Never Heard

...songs that the casual fan has probably not heard because they either weren't released as singles, were on albums that didn't sell that well, or are generally weird enough that an initial listen might turn the casual listener (i.e. program directors) off.
  • "Endorphinmachine" from The Gold Experience
    4 minutes and six seconds of high energy rock, the energy of Let's Go Crazy, but at a slightly slower tempo. Punctuated by some amazing guitar, it features a Prince scream of amazing intensity and duration. It even has cowbell too for all you Bruce Dickinson fans.
  • "When You Were Mine" from Dirty Mind
    Covered by Cyndi Lauper on her She's So Unusual album, this song has an amazing groove. Sadly, Cyndi omits that groove. Prince's version is catchy as all hell (even with quirky lyrics like "you didn't have the decency to change the sheets")
  • "The Question of U" from Graffiti Bridge
    Twenty second intro, one minutes of lyrics, and three and a half minute outro. Bluesy hypnotic electric guitar throughout.
  • "She's Always in My Hair"
    The flip side to "Raspberry Beret". Three and a half minutes of pure B-side joy. "Maybe I'll marry her, maybe I won't." Indeed.
  • "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore"
    I did a google search for this b-side to "1999" and the first gazillion hits were for Alicia Keys. Apparently it was the third track on her first album. She update his "it's just one lousy dime" line to "quarter." Wait until VOIP takes over. Anyway, this is the ultimate Prince piano song; those jazzy chords will knock you out. We all know that the best jazzy piano chords in a pop song belong to Van Morrison's "Moondance", but trust me these are a close second. (I'm pretty sure they're jazzy piano chords anyway.)

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