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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Viscerally stunning.

That's what this game is.

Burnout 3, recently released by EA, is the best racing game I've played. The ordinary race modes are pretty cool, but what sets this game apart are the "road rage" and crash modes.

Road rage is just that. You run enemy cars off the road.

Crash mode is every psychopath's video game dream. You are at the controls of a vehicle. You run(or jump) it into oncoming traffic, and score points based on the dollar value of the destruction you cause. Nothing like soaring a fire engine into a tanker truck...

Anyways, I got Roger hooked on the game a few days ago. You guys should all go out and get it so you can get addicted too. And then maybe we can all road rage each other online.


Jody said...

Or in real life. Who wants to drive to Farmville?

Rog said...

In the race modes, you get boost (aka nitro etc.) for performing risky actions. i.e. Driving into oncoming traffic, near misses, drifting around corners. Ok, drifting isn't that risky, but they needed someway to build boost when those other options aren't available. The race modes, both normal and road rage are much more entertaining than the crash junctions, but that's just my opinion.

Another great thing about the game is the scenery, makes of foreign cars, etc. Lots of games have been getting this right for a while now, Midnight Club 2, Project Gotham, etc. but it's so awesome how authentic some of them seem.

One last thing. I myself wouldn't recommend going out and buying this game unless you already have xbox live or are going to get it soon. Games like Halo 2, ESPN NFL 2K5 etc. have a lot more potential replay value.

Solid Neon said...

It's also pretty nice as a party game. Anytime you've got multiplayer or an audience, it tends to be sweet.

So, for my second physics quiz, I have the line beginning "Santiago, driving a fire truck, starts at rest. At t=0, he accelerates at a constant rate of 3 m/s until t=5s, at which point he hits a "boost" icon..."

Rog said...

Sweet, dude. Yeah, it's a great party game. Kinda like MarioKart on roids.