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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Rog's 2004 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

This list is based on predicted statistical performance, injury issues, depth chart considerations, and personnel and coaching issues.

1st Tier
Daunte Culpepper
Peyton Manning

2nd Tier
Aaron Brooks

Brett Favre
Chad Pennington
Donovan McNabb
Jake Plummer
Marc Bulger
Matt Hasselbeck
Michael Vick
Steve McNair
Tom Brady
Trent Green

3rd Tier
Brad Johnson
Carson Palmer
Jake Delhomme
Jeff Garcia
Joey Harrington
Tim Rattay
Tommy Maddox

Everybody Else
AJ Feeley
Byron Leftwich
David Carr
Drew Bledsoe
Eli Manning - R
Jay Fiedler
Josh McCown
Kerry Collins
Kyle Boller
Mark Brunell
Philip Rivers - R
Quincy Carter
Rex Grossman
Rich Gannon
Vinny Testaverde

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