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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Music blogs

Ok, so I've really been into music/mp3 blogs. here are a couple to check out and choice songs:

Bohannon's "Let's Start II Dance Again" can be found at The Number One Songs in Heaven, great site filled with a lot of fonky stuff.

An interesting song by Plastic Operator called "Folder"
, it's a dance/love song about a computer or shared network romance.

Tofuhut, this guy post songs according to a theme, i think. curernt one is
drinking, or as I like to say "drunk drinking." Scroll down and check
out number 7. It's a Tupac live track where he's drunk in the studio:
7. Tupac Shakur - "Untouchable Freestyle ('Drunker'n a Motherfucker')"

and for the bubblegum lovers, head on over to the bubblegum-machine:
Here's a song called Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me) - Reunion ,
a 1976 chart hit which was an ancestor of "It's the End of the world as we know it", "we didn't start the fire" and "one week." Aka, all those ultra-fast name droppers that you either think are catchy as hell or as annoying as all f***.

That should keep you busy for a while. hehehehe. happy listening and let me know if you dig.

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Rog said...

Update, the Shakur song has been taken off because of a cease and desist letter from his mom.