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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Eritrean Food

Had my first experience wtih Eritrean food at a restaurant in Oakland (called Asmara) yesterday and wanted to report to everyone that it is AWESOME. They give you a plate of several dishes (such as seasoned bean purees, potatoes or spinach in a sauce) and salads on top of this spongy pancake-type bread called injera. You also get a plate of pieces of the injera and eat everything by tearing off pieces and dipping it in those dishes or salads. The seasoning is really good, not as hot as Indian food, but seems to be mixed with very great skill. Will have to go back there soon and try some other things. BTW, I believe Ethiopian cuisine is similar. Google "eritrean cuisine" for webpages with more info.


Jody said...

"BTW, I believe Ethiopian cuisine is similar."

They have food in Ethiopia?

Rog said...

No, heatkernel misspoke. The 64 million Ethiopians are photosynthetic autotrophs. And obligate aerobes to boot. (Please note that expatriates have lost this adaptation.)

Jody said...

Photosynthesis, ehh?

I assumed they ate sand. That and whatever scraps Sally Struthers gave em.

Rog said...

And to bring it full circle, my Eritrean labmate always wants to eat at Burger King and doesn't like to cook. I keep telling him about Fast Food Nation and such, but I don't think he really cares about any of that.